03 July 2017

Sunrise, sunset

The sun finally came back yesterday. It looks like summer weather will return over the next few days.

Sunrise at la Renaudière, 02 July 2017

Sunset at La Renaudière, 02 July 2017

This morning I have to go see the mechanic about the old Peugeot. If the clutch doesn't really need replacing, and it's just a cable problem, it will be worth fixing. If the repair is too expensive, it might be time to just junk the car. That would be a shame, because it's in such good shape inside and out otherwise — even though it's 16½ years old. I hope the garagiste, Dominique, will help me make the right decision. Big changes here this summer...


  1. Fingers crossed for the clutch!

  2. At over sixteen years, if you've never had the clutch changed.... it has done sterling work.
    Personally, if the rest of the car is in good shape... and you've taken good care of it as you say.... then treat it to a new clutch if it needs it and it'll probably see you out as it is used less these days.
    You'll not find another decent car for the price of a clutch change!

    1. Sixteen point five years and about 185,000 kms. I've never had a clutch last so long before. I also know from the last CT the car needs rear-end work and I'm not sure it will pass the CT 18 months from now without an expensive repair. It's a hard decision to make.

    2. Dominique le garagiste says that in all, based on the current clutch problem and the CT report from last December, I'll have to pay about a thousand euros for the work needed. Then I'll have a good chance at passing the next CT. I'm leaning toward having the work done and then, like CHM, crossing all my fingers and toes in the hope that nothing else major will go wrong over the next two or three years. And buying another used car would cost a lot more. I really like the 206 Peugeot, and I've had it since August 2003. I'm attached to it. Losing it wouldn't be on the same scale as losing Callie, but even so...

  3. Fingers crossed for the Peugeot .. I totally understand the fondness for a car that has been good for years , they become a comfortable friend :)
    I had an Austin Healey that went through clutches like I go through chocolate ! once upon a time , long long ago ~

  4. Great sunrise photo... wow!
    Tough decision on the Peugeot work... but, as it is not your primary car, as you say, buying another used car would cost far more, and would surely bring its own set of problems.


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